The Playstation TV Has Been Discontinued In Japan

Playstation TV Cancelled

The Playstation TV and the Playstation Vita are officially winding down. Late last year Sony confirmed that they didn’t have any Vita games actively in development for the console and now the signs of the sunset on the horizon for the Vita platform are coming into focus more than ever. Yesterday, Sony informed the Japanese site AV Watch that they would be ceasing production of the console at the end of February. Thank God it is a leap year, so the poor bastard got an extra day of life before the hammer rained down on it from the sky.

In a related note, Sony also made it clear that Sony would be spending no further funds promoting the Playstation TV brand in any territory. So, it stands to reason that once Sony warehouses in Europe and the US are out of stock of the Playstation TV that it will effectively be extinct here, as well.

I own a Playstation TV and think that as long as you are aware of the successes and failings of it going into it that it can be a great little thing to have. The ability to play PSone and PSP games on a modern television is nice and the streaming for PS4 works well if you have a wired network in your home. The Vita game support is lacking and many of the best titles for the system are not compatible with the system. But, you can play Persona 4 The Golden. What else do you want?

So, I guess it is time to say good-bye to the Playstation TV. Do you own a Playstation TV or a Vita? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

Here is a link to the Kotaku article that is translated from the AV Watch original Sony statement: