Only the Lonely – Valentine’s Day Sale

I love spending holidays alone at home playing games. For this very reason my family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. In the pantheon of holidays, Valentine’s Day is somewhere between Talk Like a Pirate Day and Arbor Day. But, that isn’t stopping from celebrating in style by offering the original Dungeon Keeper (not the new horrible FTP mobile game that will destroy your wallet) for FREE! So, be sure to get in there and download the game before the sale ends or the stress brings the servers crashing down.

In addition to Dungeon Keeper, there are some other sales going on, as well. You can pick up the Gold Edition of Guacamelee for $3.74 and System Shock 2 for $1.49. So perk up, buttercup. Bathe in the savings and not your own tears, for this day comes only once a year.