What to Expect from VideoDestruct Moving Forward

Before I start off attempting to explain where VideoDestruct is going in the future, it is probably a good thing to explain where we are. VideoDestruct was and always has been a labor of love by three guys with lives and jobs. Some of those things get in the way from time to time. But, at our core we want to deliver a fun diversion for the video game fan, the comic fan, the wrestling fan, and anyone else that would like to come along for the ride. So, in an attempt to produce more content on a more regular basis and to increase the quality and diversity of that content, we are going to be changing some things up soon. You will still get the same Schmozcast you love or hate. You will also still continue to get a more regular edition of the VideoDestruct Podcast that is focused on games. However, the VideoDestruct Podcast will be going through some changes as I will outline below.

First things first, the VideoDestruct Podcast is the most unfocused mess of a podcast I have ever been a part of. That is kind of what I have always liked about it. I always felt like the VideoDestruct Podcast has been a good look into my mind and a good look into how antagonistic my relationship with Eric and Brandon can be. But, I have accepted that complete unfocused insanity may not be the best way to conduct a podcast. I have also gotten to a point where I have accepted that there are a million other podcasts out there talking about the newest/latest/greatest in video games. So, what if we got weird? What if the VideoDestruct Podcast became a retrospective podcast? My idea is every week we open with an open Whatcha’ Been Playin’ section where we can still showcase our personalities and goof off a bit. But, then we would go into a section where we would talk about a specific game or event from the past in detail. So, we could talk about Mega Man 2 this week and the War for ’94 next week. Please feel free to respond with ideas, requests, etc. Tweet at us (@videodestruct)!

In addition to talking about old games, I want to do versions of our First Looks for old games. Although… I think we can’t really call it a First Look anymore. How about Old Ass Games (OAG)? But, yeah I am in the process of purchasing a capture kit for analog video. So, we should have some videos for that going up soon.

Brandon and I hinted a few weeks back at a new video series. That series is called Hey I Played Something (HIPS). The series is set to start soon. Brandon gets crap from me pretty regularly for not playing many games. So, this is a great opportunity for him to get a shot at the controls and for him to experience one of my favorite games from the last couple of years, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Well, that is about all that is fit to print right now. As many of you are already aware, Eric is doing a good deal of live streaming and videos for our YouTube page right now. He is opening Loot Crates and breaking out of prisons. I will be honest, whatever he is doing seems crazy. You should probably check that out. So, please subscribe to our Twitch channel and YouTube channel and keep an eye on the site for all that new stuff, homie!