Nintendo Goes with Cheap Prices on Nintendo Selects

Nintendo Chooses to Combat the Secondary Market With Cheap Prices

In an interesting turn of events, the rumored new lineup of Nintendo Selects titles that I had referenced on the podcast last week turned out to be true. The most interesting turn of events is that Nintendo has chosen to reduce the price of the Nintendo Selects line from their usual $29.99 price point to $19.99. The list of titles is pretty awesome and is going to really put a dent into the secondary market (ie GameStop).

I did a little research and found that almost all of the titles that are on the Nintendo Selects list are going to be cheaper new than the current used prices at GameStop. So, take a look at the list, which spans Wii U Wii, and 3DS and let us know what, if any, of the games that you are going to be picking up. I have my eye on the Ocarina of Time and Pikmin 3.

The list of Nintendo Selects titles can be found here: