I Swear I Need These – Part 3

Still Collecting Classic Games

It has been a long time since I wrote one of these. But, in the last few months I have picked up quite a few cool used games. I have expanded my search radius to more unique pawn shops and consignment shops in the area. One thing has become much more apparent, people are blindly staring at eBay and thinking that they can demand stupid high prices for used games and I don’t think that is going to change. As a smart consumer, you need to think a little outside the box and purchase things more smartly and target places where people are just looking to unload their old games, as opposed to make money off of them.

It is getting harder and harder to build a collection using traditional means that isn’t hard on the wallet. The common misconceptions about rarity and value in video games is something that I don’t really know how to feel about. I will continue to collect old games until the pricing on the games gets out of hand to a degree that I am not comfortable with.

But, check out the list of my latest pick ups and let me know what you are looking for/gotten recently!

Unreal Championship 2 Xbox $5
Rallisport Challenge 2 Xbox $5
Castlevania Gameboy Advance $10
Blitz the League 2 Xbox 360 $2
Logitech Precision wireless controller Xbox $15
Patapon PSP $5
Rhythm Heaven Nintendo DS $3

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